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Just a Thought:  Sometimes the easiest way is not always the right way; when something feels right, dint do it because it looks promising, do it because you know it is right, even if it means you are looked at as being Wrong.  Everyone is different.  Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions.  Keep in mind the variable of humanity everyday and the difference between what is right, what feels right and what both looks and is wrong.  Make the right decisions even if they dint benefit you at first. 

Introduction to the New Page
Hello everyone, my name is Luke.  You can think of me as your on line "counselor" if you will.  No, I am not an actually in this field, although I am very skilled in the advice department, and have given my fellow church members more than enough good advice a time or two, and I would like to do the same for you.  I am simply an average person going to Evergreen SDA who is more than happy to help children and parents alike with any problems they may have.  I am very good with advice, and I feel everyone should have a little reassurance and guidance through any troubles they may be facing in their lives.  Remember, God Bless.

Where's Uncle Chad?
You are all probably wondering what has happened to Uncle Chad?  I am sorry to inform you that he has quit the website.  He told me about his page and everything on it and I intend to carry on his old page as something even better than before.  Please be considerate though towards Chad, he was so excited about this project, but too many things came up too fast.  He couldn't handle the site and everything else. 

Changes and Similarities
Along with me taking over the page, I am going to respect Chad and keep somethings the same, but I am also going to mix things up a bit as well.  Being as I am skilled just a little more in the tech department than my friend Chad, I am going to visually enhance this page in a way that has never been done on this site before.  I will keep the thought of the month, but only this time I will give you my own thoughts and ideas for the month rather than someone else's.  The thought of the month will always be at the top of this page in the left corner.  There will be no more Christian images and icons exchange due to the fact that too many people are circulating copyright pictures through the Internet. I might however, take a stab at designing my own set of wallpapers and icons for you all to try out over the summer.  I will also feature a discussion board on my page where we can discuss certain topics among each other, maybe to get to know one another a little better, or to just find out your opinions and see if anyone needs any guidance towards a better tomorrow.  I will have a discussion board where you can all post your problems publicly, (if you don't mind sharing your story) and if not then you can email me separately for personal help.  I hope to see a lot of outreaching and hospitality between all taking part in the discussion boards and remember; reply to other posts as you would want replied to.  Nothing mean or insulting. Thank you. 


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